Sponsoring The Community

The Honeywood Residents Group is always looking for organisations and businesses partner with.  

Our Community Group offers the following benefits/opportunities to potential sponsors:

  • Social Media Exposure to our community of over 2000 active residents via our Facebook group presence.
  • Extended exposure to the wider Honeywood community via sponsorship of our physical or electronic mailouts.
  • Online exposure to the Honeywood Community via our active and up to date web presence.
  • Naming rights for Community Events sanctioned by our group.

In the near future we will be releasing a sponsorship prospectus outlining available sponsorship opportunities with the Honeywood Residents Group.

If you would like more information regarding sponsorship opportunities please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

Become a Member!

For only $10 per household per year you can support your local community to host events and fund initiatives to improve the lifestyle of residents of Honeywood. 

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The Honeywood Residents Group is an incorporated association with a committee steered by a group of volunteers living in the estate that supports the local interests of residents in Honeywood and surrounds.

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