Public Transport & Parking

Foot paths are for pedestrians and cyclists only. As you can imagine, it is dangerous for a pedestrian or cyclist to move onto the road due to your car blocking the path. You are not allowed to park on the foot paths in the estate as it is against the local laws. The ranger is often spotted delivering fines on weekends.
We’re working on it! We were very fortunate to gain the cooperation of the City of Kwinana in securing several wheelchair/pram friendly bus stops in the estate in late 2016. We will continue to liaise with both the City of Kwinana and Transperth to improve the accessibility of our bus stops in the coming year. Often the funding that is required for these types of projects are dependent on passenger usage. Once the new train station opens, we anticipate that passenger numbers may rise above the thresholds required to justify installation of further bus shelters and/or platforms. Until then, please consider taking the bus next time you head into town!
That depends on where you get on the bus! We are smack bang on the zone boundary, so if you catch the bus from the stop closest to Labatt Gardens or any others heading towards the primary school, you will pay for 2 zones. If you catch the bus from the stop before Bindarri Grove or onwards towards the Satterley Sales office, you will pay for 1 zone. Weird huh? To get from Honeywood to the city is 3-4 zones, depending on which stop you choose. It will cost you a maximum of $6.50 if you are purchasing a cash fare. If you are unsure, check out the Journey Planner on the Transperth website.

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The Honeywood Residents Group is an incorporated association with a committee steered by a group of volunteers living in the estate that supports the local interests of residents in Honeywood and surrounds.

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