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Yes – absolutely. It is imperative that all crimes are reported and that nothing is left unreported. Ensuring that all criminal activity is reported means that the police are provided with as much information as possible. Possibly more importantly, having all crimes reported means that a true statistical representation of crime in the area is provided to decision makers, which means the correct amount of resources can be applied in order to address crime in the area. Leaving crimes unreported (as minor as they may be), may leave the police force responsible for our area under resourced. Crimes can be reported quickly online at either of the above 2 links.
Yes – absolutely. Multiple reports means that the police have more witnesses they can consult and you might have seen something the other person missed. If you know the other witness, you could ask them for their case number and provide this information when you report your version of the incident. Crimes can be reported quickly online at either: or You can also call 131444 to report non-urgent crimes.
Wandi falls within the Mundijong local police team. Please note the below contact numbers are to be used to discuss local issues not requiring immediate attention. If you need to report an incident, please call 131444. If it is an emergency, dial 000. Officer in charge: Senior Sergeant Darryl Brandis Mundijong Police, 29 Anstey Street, Mundijong WA 6123 Tel: (08) 9526 5111 Counter service open hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Twitter: Facebook: Website:
Becoming a Neighbourhood Watch member is a great way to be more involved in your suburb and to help prevent crime in our community. Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) forms an important part of the Honeywood Residents Group and if you are interested in joining please contact our friendly NHW officer Amy via our contact form. Keep your eye open at local community events, she is usually also there in person handing out our free resources. Updates from NHW will be provided via the Honeywood Residents Facebook page and the Neighbourhood Watch page on our website. NHW resources such as bin and window stickers are available from the Satterley Sales Office – tell Andrew Amy sent you! We recently have been participating in the “Cops on Your Corner” program in conjunction with the Mundijong Police Station, and this is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your local officers. To find out the date of our next meetup, check out our events page.
A team of City Assist Officers patrol Kwinana day and night, 24/7, keeping a watchful eye over the community and responding to your queries, concerns, reports and requests. City Assist is not simply a security patrol though, It is an all-encompassing, front-line set of services, offered by a friendly and qualified team. They are able to assist with a range of concerns such as health, security, compliance and animals. You can get in touch with City Assist in one of two ways – by phone, or by email. Please note that to contact the officers on patrol directly, you are better off sending an email as it is sent directly to their phone. If you call and make a report, the information will be passed on to the officers and they will call or email you back when they get a chance. Call and report, 24/7: 9439 0400. Prefer to email? City Assist Enquiry​.

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