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This depends on where you live in Honeywood estate. There a few different technologies that are available in the estate which will differ depending upon the street that you live on. The three main (fixed line) options are as follows:
  • LBN Co (Covers 80% of the estate)
  • NBN Co FTTP (Covers 10% of the estate)
  • NBN Co FTTN (Covers 10% of the estate)
If you live in Kenby Heights or Whistling Grove you have access to an Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) NBN connection. To get connected, speak to any Internet Service Provider that offers NBN Connections. A list is available here: If you live in State 1 of Honeywood Estate then you have access to Fibre to the Node (FTTN) NBN Connection. To get connected, speak to any Internet Service Provider that offers NBN Connections. A list is available here: If you do not live in either of the two areas (about 80% of the estate), then your only option for fixed line internet connection is via LBN Co. To get connected you need to speak to an internet retailer. A list is available here: Please note that this area DOES NOT have copper phone lines and does not have access to NBN services.
Free to Air TV signal is delivered via the LBNCo Fibre Optic Network in Honeywood. It is actually against the property covenants in Honeywood to install a TV antenna on the exterior of your roof. If you are in Stage 1a or Stage 1b, you can install a TV antenna on your roof as you do not have access to the fibre optic network. If you are in Kenby Heights or Whistling Grove the Free To Air Signal is not delivered via the NBN Connection. You will require a TV Antenna.
No. If you are serviced by the LBN network you do not require an ugly satellite dish to get Foxtel in Honeywood. If you are serviced by NBN you cannot get Foxtel over this network and will require a satellite dish. If you are in Stage 1A or Stage1 1B you will require a satellite dish. If you are in a LBNCo fibre serviced area, when you are signing up for foxtel, just tell them that you live in an area serviced by a ‘TDT’ Network. (Transparent Digital Transmodulator Network). If the operator doesn’t know what this is, ask to speak to an operator that does know what this is. The Foxtel box that they send you will be slightly different than the Foxtel box for the satellite service (but will work exactly the same). When connecting this up, just attach it to the same cable that is used for your FTA (Free to air) service. You just need to ensure that this cable is correctly wired through to your LBNCo Box (which will be either in your garage or on the side of your house).
Only Honeywood Stage 1a and Stage 1b properties have access to Telstra Copper Phone Lines. If you are in any stage other than Stage 1, then a phone connection must be obtained over the fibre network through one of the providers on this page: If you are in Whistling Grove or Kenby Heights a telephone service can be ordered from any service provider who operates over NBN.
Approximately 80% of the The fibre optic network in Honeywood is not part of the National Broadband Network (NBN). As such you cannot obtain an internet connection from an NBN retailer. The fibre optic network in Honeywood is a privately owned network operated by ‘LBN’ (previously known as ‘Service Elements’). LBN Co should not be confused with NBN Co. A list of LBNCo service providers is here: NBN is available in Whistling Grove and Kenby Heights. It’s also available now in Stage 1.
Due to the way the network is operated and resold in Honeywood, network reliability of most of the retail providers will be identical. Decisions on which service provider to choose should be made upon customer service and cost. Exetel (without getting to technical) operates slightly differently over the LBNCo network, and as a result of this difference, more of the reliability of the network is inside their control.
Yes, there is a cost for connecting to the fibre network for the first time, however this fee is very similarly priced to having a Telstra Copper line connected for the first time. The cost is to cover the cost of the LBN Co Network Termination Unit (their box on the wall) to be installed to your house and to run the fibre from the street. This cost is similar to the cost to connect to the NBN Fibre network for the first time. Once this initial connection cost is paid, it does not need to be paid again (even if you close your internet plan and re-open it again later).
Unfortunately yes, you do need to have the fibre connected to receive a TV signal. However you do not require a retail internet plan or phone service in order for the TV signal to be active. Having the fibre connected to your home is a very similar cost to purchasing and having a TV antenna installed. It also means you do not have an ugly antenna on your roof, and also means you are not in breach your land covenants. Please note that the above only applies to the LBN Covered areas of the estate (approximately 80%). For other areas of the estate you will require a TV antenna to receive free to air television.
Yes you will require a router with an Ethernet Wan port. This is different to most ADSL routers that have a DSL wan port for connecting to a phone line. A Router with an Ethernet Wan port can generally be provided by the retail service provider that you sign up with.

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