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Residents will be notified of upcoming community tree planting days via the Face Book page, our events page and through the Wandi Warbler. As well as those occasionally run in Honeywood, the Wandi Landcare group based at the Wandi Resource Centre also organise tree planting days each year.
If you find a snake do not approach or aggravate it in any way. Most bites occur when people accidentally step on snakes, or while attempting to kill them. As the warmer days of spring approach, snakes become more active as they leave their winter retreats in search of a mate and food. If you find a snake in a garden or a house, contact Wildcare Helpline 9474 9055 to be referred to a volunteer reptile remover. If volunteers are unavailable, there are commercial snake removal services. Advice can be provided by phoning the Department of Parks and Wildlife on 9219 9840.
Doggie bags will be provided by the council in authorised dog exercise areas only. Hopefully one will be introduced into the estate shortly – if you want to help hurry it along, don’t forget to sign the petition! In the meantime, it has been noticed that some residents are not cleaning up after their dog’s excrement and this can make our beautiful parks quite unpleasant. Regardless of whether dog poo bags are provided for you or not, it is still your responsibly to clean up after your dog. You can be fined for not picking up your dog’s mess!
Yes! In fact there are TWO off-leash dog areas in the estate! There is a fully fenced dog exercise area at the South end of the estate, on the corner of Darling Chase and Turnix Street. There is also an unfenced park located on the corner of Bindarri Grove and Honeywood Avenue that is approved for off-leash exercise. This is the park on the side closest to the freeway (not the one that contains the outdoor exercise equipment). Please note that outside of these two approved areas, it is a legal requirement to have your dog on a leash at all times – and fines if you are caught walking your dog without a leash range from $200 to $5000. DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED OFF-LEASH ON THE SCHOOL OVAL. City Assist actively monitor this area and will enforce fines for pet-owners caught with off-leash dogs. Please note within authorised dog exercise areas, owners can exercise their dogs without a lead, provided the dog is under supervision and effective control. For more information please see
Your first step should be to approach the owner of the dog and explain the situation, they may not even be aware that the dog is barking. If this fails, you have an option to make a complaint to your local ranger via the City Assist service on 9439 0400 or by emailing​. Honeywood is a new estate and many families may be adding a puppy or a dog to their household, so please be understanding of the animal’s need to adjust to new environments.

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