Neighbourhood Watch

The Honeywood Residents Group traces our origins to Neighbourhood Watch – this is where we first started and it’s still something we are passionate about. Our Resident Neighbourhood Watch Representative Amy diligently makes Neighbourhood Watch resources available at all of our events, and we are in regular communication with the Mundijong Police, City Assist and the greater community. Many of the resources are also available at the Satterley sales office, just speak to Andrew and tell him Amy sent you! A recent initiative in the estate is the “Cops On Your Corner” meetings with the Mundijong Police, to give residents an opportunity to meet with officers from their local police station. This gives individuals a chance to voice their concerns, ask questions, seek advice and generally get to know the officers. 

Our Local Police

If you see a crime, or have been a victim of a crime (however minor) please take the time to report it! This is really important, even if you don’t think it’s significant enough to be worried about. Our police officers have reinforced many times the benefits of reporting each and every crime, however minor – it could provide insight into a larger pattern, and crime statistics are used to determine how many resources are made available in our area. If you are not sure whether or not an incident has occurred, you can still report suspicious activity by calling 131 444, or lodging an online report. For more details, visit 

City Assist

If you are concerned about something in the estate but you don’t think it’s a police issue, City Assist is another fantastic service available to the estate. An initiative by the City of Kwinana, City Assist is your 24/7, one-stop shop for animals, compliance, safety and security. A team of City Assist Officers patrol Kwinana day and night, 24/7, keeping a watchful eye over the community and responding to your queries, concerns, reports and requests. They can help with anything that you’d normally call a ranger, health, security, or compliance officer for! To get in touch with them, you can call 9439 0400 24 hours a day, or to report a concern directly to the officers on duty you can send an email to

Know Your Community

Another great way to keep our community safe is to get to know your neighbours. The Residents of Honeywood Estate Facebook page is a fantastic way to do this, so don’t forget to send us a request if you are new to the estate and want to be kept in the loop! For details on how to find it, check out our Community Facebook Group page! 

Tips To Stay Safe…

Below are some tips and advice that we have received from our local Police on how to stay safe and avoid being a target.

  • Please ALWAYS lock your car, even when it’s in the garage! It goes without saying that it’s a really bad idea to leave valuables in it too.
  • Don’t leave the door leading from your garage into your house unlocked.
  • The primary way that burglars enter houses is through rear sliding doors. Make it hard for them by investing in a solution such as Crimsafe doors, or going low-tech and sticking a wooden dowel in the tracks!
  • Invest in security cameras if you can afford them – and dummy cameras if you can’t. They act as a deterrent, and make it easier to catch criminals so if you do get broken into you’re more likely to get your stuff back.
  • Mark your valuables, especially things like electronics. Engraving and UV markers are both great options.
  • Get to know your neighbours. Honeywood is full of lovely people, so take the time to knock on your neighbour’s door and say hi. If you’re not sure how to go about it, we have some fantastic Neighbourhood Watch resources available that can help.

Stay safe Honeywood, and don’t forget to stop by and say hi next time you see us around the estate!

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