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Vertex Health & Fitness

Supacool Air Conditioning

Southside Equipment Hire

South Bark Dog Wash

Shield Electrical Services (WA)

Over The Hedge Services

Honeywood Contracting

Honeywood Accounting

Shapefit Personal & Group Training

HD Window Clean

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If you are a resident of Wandi and you own or manage a small business, we invite you to list in our Local Business Directory. All financial members are eligible to list, and at only $10 per household per year, that’s the cheapest digital marketing you’ll ever get!

If you are not a resident of Wandi but you have a business located in Wandi or within a 1.5km radius and would like to list in our Local Business Directory, please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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The Honeywood Residents Group is an incorporated association with a committee steered by a group of volunteers living in the estate that supports the local interests of residents in Honeywood and surrounds.

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