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We’ve put together a bunch of questions that are often asked by residents of Honeywood. If you’d like to submit a new or updated answer, you can do so here.

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Wandi currently resides within the City of Kwinana, contact details are below: City of Kwinana Administration Centre Corner of Gilmore Avenue and Sulphur Road, Kwinana WA 6167 Email: Phone: (08) 9439 0200, After Hours Emergency: 0411 078 264, Facsimile (08) 9439 0222 Office hours: Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm Cashier hours: Monday to Friday; 8am to 4pm
Some residents have occasionally reported that their water tastes different from what they are used to. Often they describe it as tasting “like it has too much chlorine” or occasionally as “soapy.” This is very common if you have moved areas, however some people find it a bit distasteful! A common solution that our residents have mentioned is installing a water filter under the sink. You can purchase these from Bunnings, and you can get one installed for under $200. A number of residents have conducted testing on drinking water in Honeywood, and it is within a safe and acceptable range. If you have any water issues that you are concerned about, please contact the Water Corporation of WA on 13 13 75 (faults, emergencies & security) or you can report a non-urgent fault online at
‘Civil stone’ are the providers of these retaining wall blocks for Honeywood. They can also be purchased directly from the ‘Stone Ridge’ Quarry: The mortar ‘dye’ is generally not a colour that can be obtained from bunnings. The colour is reportedly called ‘Biscuit’ and can be sourced from Stonecivil. Many of the residents have used a Contractor ‘Sam’ to source and install these blocks for them. Sam can be contacted on his mobile: ‘0412 099 199’
For those blocks purchased directly from Satterley in Honeywood or Honeywood Rise, you may have received a landscaping package as part of your land. This is supplied by LD Total. We highly recommend submitting the forms that you received from Satterley upon purchase 6 weeks prior to completion of your building. Your landscaping will only cover your front garden & reticulation and you will need to choose from an approved list of plants. Please note that in our experience, substitution of plants due to availability is very common! After submitting your form, you will have a meeting with someone from LD Total where you will work out what you are going to have in your garden. Before your consultation you will need to arrange the following:
  • Ensure that your site is clean, free from rubbish, rubble and weeds, and finished to the levels you require, with soil levels 30mm below the top of surrounding kerbs, paths or driveways. Site cleaning, sand removal and levelling is not included in the Landscape Package.
  • Install a STRAIGHT 90mm diameter PVC storm water pipe under the driveway, approximately 300mm below the ground and offset 4 metres from your carport/garage. This duct is to run pipe work and wiring for the irrigation ONLY, and eliminates the need to pull up any paving. No other services are to be run within this conduit. Paving will be removed and not replaced if this pipe is not present and clearly marked!
  • Should you have paving down one side of your house, then a 90mm PVC pipe should be installed beneath the paving and clearly marked, to allow future connection to the rear. As the Irrigation Controller and Gate Valve are to be installed next to the Meter Box and Water Meter respectively, these areas must be clear of paving (i.e. brick paving, concrete, liquid limestone, gravel etc) for cable and pipe connection.
  • The driveway, crossover, fencing to the front of your property and any extra works such as retaining walls and planter boxes will also need to be installed prior to booking a consultation.
The City of Kwinana requires a security bond to be paid to cover any damage to the kerb or foot path during your construction stage. Your builder will most likely pay this directly to the council on your behalf. You will need to check with your builder whether you will receive the deposit back as some builders cover the security deposit themselves. For more information please see
That depends on where you get on the bus! We are smack bang on the zone boundary, so if you catch the bus from the stop closest to Labatt Gardens or any others heading towards the primary school, you will pay for 2 zones. If you catch the bus from the stop before Bindarri Grove or onwards towards the Satterley Sales office, you will pay for 1 zone. Weird huh? To get from Honeywood to the city is 3-4 zones, depending on which stop you choose. It will cost you a maximum of $6.50 if you are purchasing a cash fare. If you are unsure, check out the Journey Planner on the Transperth website.
We’re working on it! We were very fortunate to gain the cooperation of the City of Kwinana in securing several wheelchair/pram friendly bus stops in the estate in late 2016. We will continue to liaise with both the City of Kwinana and Transperth to improve the accessibility of our bus stops in the coming year. Often the funding that is required for these types of projects are dependent on passenger usage. Once the new train station opens, we anticipate that passenger numbers may rise above the thresholds required to justify installation of further bus shelters and/or platforms. Until then, please consider taking the bus next time you head into town!
Foot paths are for pedestrians and cyclists only. As you can imagine, it is dangerous for a pedestrian or cyclist to move onto the road due to your car blocking the path. You are not allowed to park on the foot paths in the estate as it is against the local laws. The ranger is often spotted delivering fines on weekends.
A team of City Assist Officers patrol Kwinana day and night, 24/7, keeping a watchful eye over the community and responding to your queries, concerns, reports and requests. City Assist is not simply a security patrol though, It is an all-encompassing, front-line set of services, offered by a friendly and qualified team. They are able to assist with a range of concerns such as health, security, compliance and animals. You can get in touch with City Assist in one of two ways – by phone, or by email. Please note that to contact the officers on patrol directly, you are better off sending an email as it is sent directly to their phone. If you call and make a report, the information will be passed on to the officers and they will call or email you back when they get a chance. Call and report, 24/7: 9439 0400. Prefer to email? City Assist Enquiry​.
Becoming a Neighbourhood Watch member is a great way to be more involved in your suburb and to help prevent crime in our community. Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) forms an important part of the Honeywood Residents Group and if you are interested in joining please contact our friendly NHW officer Amy via our contact form. Keep your eye open at local community events, she is usually also there in person handing out our free resources. Updates from NHW will be provided via the Honeywood Residents Facebook page and the Neighbourhood Watch page on our website. NHW resources such as bin and window stickers are available from the Satterley Sales Office – tell Andrew Amy sent you! We recently have been participating in the “Cops on Your Corner” program in conjunction with the Mundijong Police Station, and this is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your local officers. To find out the date of our next meetup, check out our events page.
Wandi falls within the Mundijong local police team. Please note the below contact numbers are to be used to discuss local issues not requiring immediate attention. If you need to report an incident, please call 131444. If it is an emergency, dial 000. Officer in charge: Senior Sergeant Darryl Brandis Mundijong Police, 29 Anstey Street, Mundijong WA 6123 Tel: (08) 9526 5111 Counter service open hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Twitter: Facebook: Website:
Yes – absolutely. Multiple reports means that the police have more witnesses they can consult and you might have seen something the other person missed. If you know the other witness, you could ask them for their case number and provide this information when you report your version of the incident. Crimes can be reported quickly online at either: or You can also call 131444 to report non-urgent crimes.

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